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Charting a Course for Excellence

Unveiling the Inaugural Endeavor of the Mechanical Group in Advancing Excellence within Plant Design and Engineering

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the Mechanical Group within our esteemed Plant Design and Engineering Department. At its helm is the seasoned leader, Jestoni Mirano, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in mechanical engineering. Assisting him in shaping the future of this dynamic group is the junior member, Anthony Ceazar Bagtasos, known affectionately as ACE-san. Together, they constitute the driving force behind the Mechanical Group, which has been carefully assembled to spearhead advancements in the design of mechanical systems, machines, and machine parts.

This innovative group, although recently formed, has wasted no time in immersing itself in a robust training program tailored to their specific needs. The current focus of their training includes a Drawing Perspective Test, strategically designed primarily for the junior member, Ace. This foundational training aims to nurture his skills and ensure a solid grasp of drawing perspectives, providing a strong foundation for his growth within the team.

Moreover, the Mechanical Group is actively engaging in BricsCAD Familiarization, a crucial component in staying at the forefront of technological advancements in computeraided design. Simultaneously, they are delving into Drawing Tracing Works to familiarize themselves with JFE Sekkei Standards, emphasizing precision and adherence to industry benchmarks.

Looking ahead, the group is poised to venture into 3D modeling using Autodesk Inventor, scheduled for the 5th to 6th month of their comprehensive training curriculum. This advanced module will further hone their skills and expand their capabilities, equipping them to tackle complex challenges in the realm of mechanical design.

The union of Jestoni Mirano’s seasoned leadership and Anthony Ceazar Bagtasos’s fresh perspectives positions the Mechanical Group as a formidable force within our organization. We eagerly anticipate the transformative contributions this dynamic duo will bring to our projects, pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in plant design and engineering. Stay tuned for more updates on the Mechanical Group’s journey as they embark on this exciting endeavor.

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