Vision and Mission  
KELPHIL's vision is to be the leader in innovation for building global network environment through e-collaboration.
   KELPHIL excels in:  
  1. Providing solution for lowering cost and increasing value added in engineering / designing businesses by fully embracing the advanced information technology;

  2. Exploring high potential human resources in the Philippines by properly training them to provide superior services to our customers;

  3. Facilitating technology and skill transfer from the customer to Filipinos to achieve mutually beneficial business models for both Philippines and the customer's country;
  KELPHIL believes in:  
  1. From outsourcing to collaboration- KELPHIL serves our customers as remote collaboration partner aiming for achieving the shared goal

  2. Maximum utilization of advanced IT and intelligent creativity support tools

  3. Trust, network, business and risk management know-how specialized in the Philippines context established over four decades
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