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Empowering Teams: To High Performance and Excellence

This January, KELPHIL has made significant movements within the organization to strengthen and empower the leaders; the leaders to build an environment that empowers the team members to make decisions, share knowledge and try new things.
The restructuring aims to enhance communication and collaboration towards company goals. Leaders were given opportunity to re-arrange team activities, set goals and given new roles in a way that benefits the team members and enhance workflow.

This would basically be the first step towards achieving an empowered environment. By continuing the best practices and establishing mutual trust, clear expectations and guidelines among the leaders and team members, empowering employees is truly possible.

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Insights from AOTS Trainees

Insights from AOTS Trainees

In the previous year, a new group of AOTS trainees ventured to Japan for technical training, seeking to enhance their skills and embrace the country’s language and culture…

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