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KELPHIL Celebrates 25th Founding Anniversary

July is celebrated as the birth month of the company. This year, KELPHIL is celebrating its silver anniversary — a prosperous 25 years in the business since its foundation in 1997.

The event is a commemoration of the company’s history of failures, recovery, perseverance, teamwork, dreams, hopes and successes. A lot has changed over the past years, however much also stayed the same. On the day of the event, the company President Mr. Araki, together with the outgoing General Manager Mr. Minami, and the incoming VP, General Manager Mr. Hoshina, and Mr. Miki, joined the celebration.

A special program was held at the company’s headquarters followed by a sumptuous dinner at NIU by Vikings. Everyone enjoyed the wide selection of food at the buffet table. It is Kelphil’s simple way of expressing gratitude to everyone who made this silver anniversary a success and a day to remember.

During the celebration, Kelphil looked back and gave recognition to the people who have undeniably seasoned the company’s success story. These individuals are living proofs of Kelphil’s strong foundation that stood still and continued to prosper despite the storm that shuddered its core — something to recognize and honor for the future generation of Kelphil.

Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change. Just like mine.
– Ellaine Medina, Fujiki Group

In this company I feel that I am working with professionals who push me to take on challenging opportunities.
– Odessa Gozon, Kokuyo 2

I experienced a lot of “first times”in Kelphil as this is my first job and I am excited to create more memories to cherish with this company.
– Aiza Canlas, Kokuyo 1

Kelphil has gone through its “rock bottom” but we stayed believing that the storm will pass and the sun will rise again
– Herme Patulot, Admin Group

We are very thankful to Kelphil for its immeasurable generosity in extending all the needed support and above all to God.
He has not forsaken our Kelphil family
– Carmela Piando, Structural West

We overcame challenges by working together because we are KELPHIL, and much more because we are PINOYS
– Jebe Sepida, Architectural Group

We are very fortunate to be part a company that makes us feel that we have a family outside our home.
Gaizel Relova, System Architecture

I am proud not only to be part of Kelphil Company but also as part of the Kelphil family.
Jaison Erpelo, Structural East

Cheers to 25 years and to the next 25 more!

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