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Japan Technical Training 2022: Soaring Towards Greater Heights

Under the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), KELPHIL’s technical training program is still on a roll as another employee takes flight to Japan. The Architectural group gets another first, as they send off a trainee to the JFE Fukuyama office. This marks the last one to complete the roster for the AOTS Trainees for the year 2022.

After the six-week training at Tokyo Kenshuu Center (TKC), the journey continues in Fukuyama, Japan where trainees get to meet other Kelphil and JFE colleagues, immerse in the diverse culture of Japan, and advance their technical knowledge through learning different softwares.

“At first I was anxious because it was my first time traveling abroad. The thought of living in another country alone, knowing only the basics of the language that they speak is enough for me to feel nervous.”

– Jarrie Arriane Mactal, Architectural Group

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A Legacy of Leadership:

A Legacy of Leadership:

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