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Not the End, Only a Different Beginning

KELPHIL waved goodbye to its former president, Mr. Yukio Hisaki, when he returned to the Philippines to formally say his gratitude and bid goodbye to the people he had worked with for more than a decade.

Mr. Hisaki announced his retirement and is officially onto the next chapter saying that he will be happy with more time for his family and his mountain-climbing hobby. The Kelphil staff reminisced about their most precious memories with Mr. Hisaki and presented their well-thought- out gifts and heartwarming messages.

“Mr. Hisaki is a genuine boss, clear on values, vision, direction, and consistent in applying them. He is also very supportive, allowing employees to flourish.”

– Ellaine Medina, Fujiki

“A great boss who motivated and inspired the employees to be their best selves. A wonderful boss who considers not only the welfare of the company but the employees’ as well. A kind- hearted boss who listened, understood and considered everyone’s concerns.


H Hardworking

I   Inspirational



K Kind-hearted 


-Carmela Piando, Structural-West

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