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TRAINEES IN ACTION: The trainees continue to make the best out of their Technical Training

While waiting for the next batch of the technical trainees in the coming months, we take a look at how the current batch of trainees are living and coping with their life in Japan. Spread out through Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuyama, and Niigata, the trainees didn’t miss out the chance to dive in and indulge themselves in the culture and traditions of the rising sun.




Alvin James Arboleda

Mt. Fuji the trip of a lifetime

My experience with Mt Fuji began before we even started to hike. Weeks of preparations, daily anxiety due to the weather conditions. Then the hike itself, terrain like I have never experienced before. Hardships while an almost constant sea of clouds around you. After all that, once we were able to reach the summit, it gave us a sense of fulfillment like no other.

The Japan Life

Same routine on a different setting. “Eat, sleep, and enjoy”. But this time, everything is in Japanese. Embracing the “new” while I can. Just simply living the day more, knowing that we only have a definite duration of stay here


Shaider John Antiquin

It has been three months since I’ve been here with Fujiki and I can say that I have adjusted well with life and work in Japan. I expect to be better at Nihongo at the end of my training and be better in reading and understanding design drawings so I can make drawings more efficiently and of better quality.


Shane Hilary Abado

As a trainee from the JFE Sekkei Kansai Office, I had the opportunity to visit and experience Kyoto including some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. An addition is the good food to taste around the city. Kyoto is known to be the cultural heart of the country where one can witness both the traditional and modern life. Overall, I had a memorable experience, immersing in the atmosphere of the city and learning about the culture of the country. May it be a quick hike up on a mountain or a stroll down the old streets, this prefecture is indeed a place to visit.


Marco Samaniego

The Mountain Day (山の日) is observed during the break so there is no better day to suit up in the hiking gears and climb a mountain. Together with my seniors from the Kuramae Office, we hiked our way up to Mt. Takao. Upon reaching the top, we had our packed lunch while looking at the breath-taking view of the beautiful apex of the mountains right in front of us. As we took our descend, we just appreciated the view as we go down the mountain.


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