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A Beacon of Inspiration:

Stellar Performance in Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

As a requirement at work, each employee strives to learn Japanese Language and aim to pass each proficiency level from N5 which is the basic up to N1 the highest and the most difficult level of the JLPT that even some Japanese find it to be extremely challenging but for Mr. Clarenz Elamparo of Kelphil’s Structural-West Group who passed with flying colors, it was a different story altogether. After passing the N5 level he decided to skip the N4 Level and took directly the N3 level which he achieved an exemplary perfect score. While, it hasn’t been a year when he passed the N2 Level, he remarkably passed the N1 Level in just one attempt, setting a high standard for excellence, which we at KELPHIL are so proud of.

Passing N1 is hard, and to be really honest I did not expect at all to pass. Most likely if I were to take it again, I won’t guarantee that I will pass. It is hard, but if you think about the reward – the increase in allowances and possible future increases, it is worth your effort to at least try. If someone like me was able to pass the exam, you can too.”

Clarenz Elamparo

Beyond the recognition and rewards Mr. Elamparo’s success serves as an inspiration to all aspirants and co-employees that with unwavering determination no summit is insurmountable.

Here is the complete list of KELPHIL passers in December 2023 JLPT

  1. Clarenz Elamparo                  N1
  2. Ma. Elizabeth Ann Uy          N2
  3. Mae Louisse Allas                  N2
  4. John Levie Manalad              N3
  5. Rachelle Ann Dino                 N3
  6. Evangeline Del Mundo         N4
  7. Ron Jairus Nalunat                  N4
  8. Emmerson Navarro               N4
  9. James Alvin Arboleda            N4
  10. Shane Hilary Abado             N4
  11. Marco Samaniego                  N4
  12. Ivanne Manalo                       N4
  13. Jarrie Arriane Mactal             N4
  14. Roselyn Anonical                   N4
  15. Julianne Nicole Cometa        N4
  16. James Anthony Asis               N5


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