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Arigatougozaimashita Minami-san

July 19, 2022 The Kelphil Family has organized a surprise farewell party for one of the pillars of the company — Minami-san. 

A man with great personality, wit, and humor. An excellent and hardworking boss who worked tirelessly for 13 years and made a huge impact to the growth of the company. KelFamily has existed because of his fatherly love to all employees.

The event was held at Jollibee Shaw Blvd. — Minami san’s favorite Filipino fast food chain. The venue was decorated by talented and creative employees. The confetti poppers popped as Minami san entered theroom and a bouquet of flowers was handed to him. The program was started through a prayer, followed by a series of fun games joined by Mr. Minami as well. Everyone has participated and enjoyed the games.

One of the highlights of the occasion is the special Audio-Visual Presentation, it was presented to pay tribute to his remarkable achievements and contributions to the company; as a way of showing gratitude and appreciation for his dedication and good leadership. A simple token of gratitude was also given to him. Aside from that, each group has presented a well-thought-out memento and made a unique and fun way of presenting their gifts and heartfelt messages. Each of the employees shared their fond and unforgettable memories with Minami san, some shed tears, truly emotions overflowed.

In closing the celebration, Minami san delivered his farewell speech, he thanked everyone for the love and support they’ve given him, wished everyone to have a good life then bid his goodbye. Though the occasion was a little sad, it was indeed a beautiful farewell, so meaningful and worth remembering.


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