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Kelphil Embraces Workplace Flexibility:

Introducing Free Address

In a bold move towards fostering a more dynamic and collaborative work environment, Kelphil, Inc. has announced the implementation of free address in the office. In the middle of April 2024, Kelphil launches the Free Address which was first introduced to Kokuyo 1 and Kokuyo 2 Group. This innovative approach to office layout signals a transition from traditional fixed desks, offering employees the freedom to choose their workspace based on their daily tasks and preferences.

The shift towards free address seating reflects Kelphil’s commitment to adaptability and employee empowerment. By removing the constraints of assigned seating, the company aims to promote flexibility and creativity among its workforce. Employees are now encouraged to move freely throughout the office, selecting an environment that best suits their needs for the day.

I’ve never experienced the hybrid work setup in my previous workplaces, so when the news broke that our company will incorporate the remote work set-up and free address, I was frankly excited and a little sad. Excited that I’ll be able to spend more time with my family as well as my cat, and a little sad because there will be no more workstation personalization which I enjoy. The first initial weeks were kind of challenging because setting up and closing down our office workstation takes up time every single day. But change comes with adjustments, and adjustments lead to the normalization of the chore. Overall I am quite happy with our set-up!”

By Ms. Marifer Victorino of Kokuyo 1

As a long time in an assigned seating office, this free seating set up is like a breath of fresh air. New environment for me, not to mention the new tables! It allows me to be flexible and communicate face to face with my officemates. The downside was the time wasted in unpacking belongings.”

By Ms. Jehlie May Perez of Kokuyo 2

To support the transition, Kelphil has invested in versatile furniture solutions and individual laptops for each employee. Additionally, the company are still continuing the hybrid set-up to all regular employees which has lots of good feedback.

The introduction of free address seating marks a significant milestone in Kelphil’s journey towards a more progressive and employee-centric workplace. As the company continues to embrace change and innovation, it remains committed to creating an environment where every employee can thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

With Kelphil leading the way, the era of fixed desks may soon become a relic of the past, as more companies recognize the benefits of flexibility and autonomy in the modern workplace.

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A Legacy of Leadership:

A Legacy of Leadership:

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