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Importance of Annual Physical Exam

Every year, KELPHIL employees keep their health condition checked by taking an Annual Physical Examination (APE). This is usually taken during the last quarter of the year through a series of medical exams. Employees would know which part of their body they should focus on more aside from their overall health with the help of a medical professional.

Here are some reasons why taking your Annual Physical Exam is important:

1. Detect diseases early
The main purpose of taking an annual physical exam is to allow doctors to detect early signs of diseases that the patient may not even know exist. Many diseases do not present symptoms in the early stages

2. Keep track of health
Not being sick doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy. With the results of the medical exams, we will know if our vitals are within normal. With these, we can make a change in our lifestyle to prevent getting sick.

3. Increase chances of getting better treatment and cure
Detecting diseases at a later stage may limit treatments and cure. If we detect our diseases early on, we will have higher chances of getting the right treatment promptly and gain access to options that may speed up the recovery process.

4. Reduce health care costs over time
Medical expenses can be a huge financial burden. Detecting a disease at a serious stage will cost a person a lot of money in an instant as it will be harder to treat. It is better to go to regular medical check-ups to prevent, avoid, and manage diseases at their early stage.

Annual Physical Examination plays an essential role in maintaining a person’s overall well-being, peace of mind, and stability in the long run. There is no better time to take care of our health than now.

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