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JFE SEKKEI, LTD. New President Visits KELPHIL

2023 — Hirotaka Okamoto-san, JFE SEKKEI, LTD.’s newly instated president, visited KELPHIL Inc. on May 3-5 along with Takata-san, JFE SEKKEI, LTD.’s former president, and KELPHIL Inc.’s incumbent president, Araki-san.

I believe that JFE SEKKEI and KELPHIL can grow in the future. JFE SEKKEI will do its best to do more work for Japanese customers. I hope KELPHIL will also grow to be able todo bigger and more tough and difficult jobs. Let’s grow together.






– Hirotaka Okamoto, JFE SEKKEI, LTD. President


With the goal of becoming familiar with KELPHIL’s works as well as introducing himself personally to all the employees, President Okamoto-san delivered his formal greetings upon arrival followed by the presentations of the overview of each group conducted by their respective leaders. In addition, as part of JFE SEKKEI, LTD. 20th anniversary, commemorative souvenirs were given to each employee through a raffle. Chocolates from Japan were also added as giveaways.

KELPHIL employees were delighted to be visited by the president. As a welcome and farewell to Okamoto-san and Takata-san, they were given a simple token of appreciation by each group.


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A Beacon of Inspiration:

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