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KELPHIL Celebrates 26th Founding Anniversary

July 9, 2023 — Still a milestone to reach 26 fruitful years in the business. The Kelphil Family celebrated the birth month of the company with everyone enjoying a humble lunch inside the office.

Each year, the company grabs the chance to celebrate each member of the company to know that they are appreciated. Various factors determine the strength of the company and the people working for it are one of them. With every step back being won with a comeback. No family is perfect, which can also be said to any company. But the most important point to ponder is knowing how supporting every member of the family can go a long way. There are multiple obstacles that a company has to face before it gets the taste of success and without any failures. We wouldn’t be able to look at how much we’ve accomplished together.


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A Legacy of Leadership:

A Legacy of Leadership:

In a heartfelt send-off, Mr. Miki, concluded his tenure as Executive Vice-President on May 7, 2024. His departure signifies the close of a significant era in Kelphil marked by outstanding accomplishments, profound guidance, and enduring influence…

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