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KELPHIL holds webinar on Managing Anxiety and Depression

KELPHIL, INC. initiated the first ever webinar entitled “Managing Anxiety And Depression” last November 2021. The main objective of the webinar was to provide a better understanding on the common mental illnesses focusing on anxiety and depression and ways how to cope with it.

Dr. Joyce Piap-Go, a life coach, counsellor, an author and a Doctor of Education in Clinical Christian Counselling was the resource speaker. In the webinar, she discussed about the difference between depression and anxiety, ways to cope with it during the pandemic and how to combat stress as part of the daily life.

The employees were able to ask questions related to the topic in the Q and A portion. Dr. Joyce has answered all the questions clearly and emphatically.

The webinar was a great success; participants gained invaluable knowledge and learnings from this activity.

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