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A Message from Minami-san

Thank you very much everyone for the meaningful 13 years that I was able to spend productively with all of you. Thanks to your cooperation and support. I do appreciate it.

I have a bit long relationship with KELPHIL. The first time I visited was in 1997 when KELPHIL was founded; to make an As-built drawing of an Indonesian project. Then in year 2000, I stayed for a month to create drawings of the pedestrian deck at Maihama Station — A Disneyland station. In 2004, I was assigned to set up the Metal Road Group for 4 months. And in 2005 I also stayed in KELPHIL for 3 months. I was then appointed as General Manager on July 1, 2009 up until now, July 2022.

Back then, I was just an Engineer, so I was unreliable as a Manager who had no management experience and couldn’t even speak fluent English. Therefore, I apologize for causing a great deal of trouble to everyone at that time, especially to the Administration Group. There have been various problems over the last 13 years, but overall, I can say that it was fun. I have visited many places in The Philippines. I joined various activities and events with all of you. It was such a great memory to remember. When I was appointed, the number of employees decreased by 40% in 2006. Since then, the number has continued to decrease, having 33 employees remained in 2014. I’m grateful to the employees who stayed in the company even in such a situation. Despite the major setback, employees have definitely blown up for 13 years, particularly since 2015.

KELPHIL has become an indispensable company for JFE SEKKEI as the result of your collective effort and achievement and I’m very proud of it. Furthermore, I believe that KELPHIL has gotten much bigger potential to grow further. KELPHIL needs your support and effort. I urge everyone to help make it a bigger and better company. And of course, I will always support you.

I am finally going back home to Japan but I hope you’ll all be successful. Please do not forget to enjoy work always, it’s our policy!

Thank you so much! And I hope to see you again.

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A Legacy of Leadership:

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