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Be Face-to-Face Ready, Remember Your Japanese Business Greetings



generally used as an opening greeting to most businesses. Can be used by anyone regardless of the position at work. It’s like saying “Hello!” in a professional way.



is also a business greeting but only used by bosses to subordinates. For employees,
being familiar with this phrase can help in knowing to properly greet your boss back.



it is being used when leaving work earlier than others or at any business occasion
where one has to depart before the scheduled conclusion. To relay a respectful
exit or to simply acknowledge the longer time being spent by your colleagues.



the usual response to ③「お先に失礼します」but can also be used when someone finishes a project or a task. This shows recognition to their effort.



commonly, this is used as a part of self-introduction but also when
acknowledging the help you receive or will be receiving from your colleagues.

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