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A Legacy of Leadership:

Recognizing Mr. Miki’s Impact and Contributions

In a heartfelt send-off, Mr. Miki, concluded his tenure as Executive Vice-President on May 7, 2024. His departure signifies the close of a significant era in Kelphil marked by outstanding accomplishments, profound guidance, and enduring influence.

Under Mr. Miki’s guidance, the company has achieved significant milestones, from surpassing targets and expanding market presence to fostering a cohesive and dynamic work environment. His leadership style, marked by empathy, integrity, and a commitment to empowering others, has left an indelible mark on all who have had the privilege of working alongside him.

Reflecting on his departure, Mr. Hoshina, remarked, “I would like to thank you ( Miki-san) for the guidance you’ve provided not only to me but also to the staff in various ways. We will continue to work together as one to further develop KELPHIL while enhancing the office environment and shaping the company’s future. Your sustained health throughout your stay, free of any injuries or illnesses simply demonstrates your youthfulness. Even if you return to Japan, please continue to do your best as an active member. Again, thank you very much for your hard work.”

Also reflecting on his departure, Ms. Carmela Piando remarked, “いろいろの世話、大変ありがとうございました。Mr. Miki is not just approachable but also a:

                  M entor

                   I  ntelligent

                  K  ind and Keen

                   I  nspiring boss

My warmest gratitude for all the help, support and encouragement you had given to Kelphil, Inc. especially to the Structural – West Group. Though your stay in Kelphil office was quite shorter than expected but the presence was felt all throughout. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Kelphil and in the Philippines as a whole. Looking forward to seeing you again sir in the future. 今後とも宜しくお願い申し上げます。”

As Mr. Miki embarks on new endeavors, he leaves behind a legacy of excellence and a lasting impact on Kelphil Inc. His contributions will be fondly remembered, and he will be greatly missed by all.

The entire Kelphil Family extends heartfelt wishes to Mr. Miki for continued success and fulfillment in his future endeavors. Though he may be leaving Kelphil, his influence will endure as a guiding light for years to come.

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