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Kelphil Summer Outing

A Reward to Unwind, Recharge and Connect

Kelphil Summer Outing was held at Thunderbird Resorts and Casino in La Union last May 20–21, 2023.

The said venue is a world-class integrated resort incorporating architectural themes inspired by the Santorini Islands of Greece which was dubbed as the Santorini of Asia. The Santorini vibes of the resort inspired the employees to enjoy the extravagant lifestyle that everyone deserves. It was an opportunity for them to socialize and unwind after work. They found it relaxing, stress-relieving, and recharging.

Upon arrival, the resort staff provided a very warm welcome as they accommodate each employee while checking in. The scheduled games proceed and were played later in the afternoon after the arrival in the resort.

This year, all group leaders were assigned as the Game Committee to facilitate the said activity. Everyone has eagerly participated in every game. Through this, the employees were able to build connections, bonds and trust in a fun and engaging way with their respective teams. The group regarded as the overall champion for this year is the Pink Team, followed by Blue in second, then Gray, Yellow and White Teams, respectively. 





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A Beacon of Inspiration:

A Beacon of Inspiration:

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